Smart living,start living easy when you start living smart

It’s time to stop worrying and join the smart revolution

Technological advances can feel bewildering. But Nedis brings you all the latest innovations in a clean way. You can have a smart home without a scientific background or a huge bank balance our affordable, smart devices work straight from the box. We place you instantly in control of your connected home.

Smart entertainment by Nedis®

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Set the scene from one screen

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All your appliances and devices are just a click away

  • Let the lights turn on as you enter a room
  • Watch the curtains draw as dusk sets in
  • Create mood lighting at a press on your smart phone's screen
  • Let your music follow you as you move through the house
  • Use your voice to flick the heating or airconditioning on
  • Wake up and smell the coffee – prepared for you automatically

The smart home is at your service – it’s just waiting for you to take remote control.

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