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Meat Thermometer | 0 - 250 °C | Colour Display | Timer

Brand: Nedis Article number: KATH106SI EAN number: 5412810311880

Meat Thermometer | 0 - 250 °C | Colour Display | Timer

Vendor Part Number: KATH106SI
EAN number: 5412810311880
Cooking big cuts of meat to perfection is going to be so easy with this meat thermometer, even for inexperienced home cooks.
To make life easier, it has 8 preset temperatures, plus preset levels of doneness (rare, medium, etc.).
Insert the probe into the dish and leave the display unit outside the oven, frying pan or barbecue. This way, you can read the internal temperature without having to take off the lid or open the oven door. In the meantime, you can focus on prepping your sides until the alarm warns you your roast has reached the temperature you set at the start.
The meat thermometer integrates a timer so you can also use it as an egg timer. The stainless steel probe is hygienically easy to clean and detachable for easy storage.
A long cable and several ways to place the display within sight provide all the flexibility you need. With a range of up to 250 degrees, this meat thermometer covers all sorts of dishes and roast dinners.

• 8 preset temperatures + levels of 'doneness': beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, hamburgers, fish • Measuring units in Celsius or Fahrenheit • Integrated magnet, kickstand and 1.0-m probe cable • Detachable probe for easy storage • Range of up to 250 °C • Meat thermometer and egg timer in one • Alarm when the set temperature is reached • Stylish, clean aluminium design • Hygienic stainless steel probe • Colour touch screen with clear graphics

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£ 14.99

Package contents

Meat thermometer

Product specifications

Material Plastic
Appliance Temperature Monitoring
Colour Silver/White

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