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APKVX Vacuum Cleaner Starter Kit

Brand: AEG Article number: 9009229650 EAN number: 7319599035120

APKVX Vacuum Cleaner Starter Kit

Nedis Number: 9009229650 Vendor Part Number: APKVX
EAN number: 7319599035120
Vacuum Cleaner Starter Kit with s-bag® Classic Long Performance.

Thanks to this kit, you have all you need to refresh and maintain your new vacuum cleaner.
s-bag® Classic Long Performance vacuum bag The s-bag® Classic Long Performance vacuum bag lasts 50% longer than traditional vacuum cleaner paper bags.
The resistant synthetic material of this bag ensures optimum air flow and gives your vacuum cleaner constant suction power as the dust bag fills up. s-filter®  Hygiene Filter™
This high quality filter is designed to maintain the filtration and suction performance of your vacuum cleaner and to offer you a healthier place.

s-filter®  Hygiene Filter™ captures even the finest particles of pollen, mould spores, dust mite faeces and allergens.

Universal motor filter

The universal motor filter protects the motor in your vacuum cleaner from dust particles inside the dust container.
To maintain optimum performance, this filter should be changed with every 4 vacuum bag replacements or when it becomes visibly soiled.

s-fresh™ Evening Rose

Let Evening Rose fill your home the scent of a beautiful rose garden on a warm summer day.
The s-fresh™ range has been created to fragrance your home whilst cleaning, giving you not only a clean home but a lovely scented one too! Easy to use, simply open the sachet, scatter the granules on the floor and vacuum them up or just insert granules in the vacuum bag if you have a bagged cleaner.

This starter kit contains 4 x  s-bag® Classic Long Performance, 1 x Hygiene Filter™  1x  universal motor filter to cut and 4 x s-fresh® Evening Rose
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£ 26.99

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Product specifications

Colour White
Number of motorfilters 1
Depth 50 mm
Height 240 mm
Weight 250 g
Width 165 mm
Number of dustbags 4 pcs

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