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Glass Screen Protector - Black Frame - Samsung Galaxy S21

Brand: Mobilize Article number: MOB54614 EAN number: 8718256940576

Glass Screen Protector - Black Frame - Samsung Galaxy S21

Nedis Number: MOB-54614 Vendor Part Number: 54614
EAN number: 8718256940576
The Mobilize Safety Glass Screen Protector is an almost invisible screen protector, has a thickness of 0.3 mm and gives the screen of your device extra protection against scratches, drops and impact damage. Because special hardened glass is used, your device does not react delayed to your touch. The screen protector is designed with rounded edges, so that it does not stand out optically and does not disturb during use. This Screen Protector has an extra edge at the top and bottom, so that it really protects the entire screen of your device. The extra border is designed in the same color as your device, so that it fits seamlessly. The screen protector is made of real glass of 9H quality. This means that it can withstand almost all materials and remains scratch-free.

You can apply this screen protector easily and without air bubbles. You place the screen protector exactly on the device and press it from the center, starting with the speaker, from top to bottom over the screen. After this, it “sucks” itself onto the screen.

Note: This screen protector cannot be used in combination with every case because both accessories fall over the edges, and can get in each other's way.
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Package contents

• 1x Safety Glass Full Coverage Screen Protector
• Microfiber cloth for removing dust
• Alcohol cloth for removing grease

Product specifications

Colour Transparent
Material Glass
Device type Smartphone
Screen protector type Safety Glass
Screen size/model Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

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If you use a case that wraps around the edges of your mobile device, an edge-to-edge protector could possibly damage your screen around the edges.
The edge might cut into the screen.
Use a regular protector in this case.
These protectors leave enough room for a case
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