Wide & Innovative Assortment

Nedis can help you get customers started with low-cost products. But what about when your customer is happy and ready to start investing more?


Nedis has the breadth and depth of products to support the full customer journey.

We offer affordable consumer electronic products for an easier, healthier, smarter and more connected daily life, combined with value-added services. The assortment has over 8,500 products divided in eight main categories.

Nedis is the partner who can help with customer loyalty, bringing customers back again and again as they upgrade and expand the technology in their homes.

Connectivity and Media

The world is more connected than ever, from reaching the other side of the world with internet connected devices to reaching the other side of your living room with the right cable. The Nedis assortment supports with connecting people, technology and homes. 


Home and Living

How people is interacting with their homes is changing, and these consumers need products that are easy-to-use, save them time and energy, and don’t break the bank. Nedis offers a range of products that help with a smart lifestyle.



Nedis product categories

Cables & Adapters

Your ultimate source for cables, adapters, switches, converters, offering diverse options, seamless connectivity, and top-notch quality. Upgrade your connections today!


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Computer & Mobile

Uncover a wide array of computer and mobile accessories, plus advanced gaming gear! Elevate your digital world with us.


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Household & Living

Transform your home into a haven with Nedis household items. Streamline tasks with our efficient solutions, creating a more comfortable living space.


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Kitchen & Cooking

Enhance your cooking journey with Nedis kitchen essentials. Discover innovative gadgets, top-notch appliances, and precision cookware for an elevated culinary experience.


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Brighten your surroundings with Nedis lighting collection. Explore diverse lamps, smart lighting, and energy-efficient bulbs for all your lighting desires.


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Safety & Security


Ensure safety with Nedis' wide safety range. From smart cameras to alarms, we provide the tools for your peace of mind.


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Sound & Vision

Dive into exceptional audio-visual experiences with Nedis. Discover Bluetooth speakers, TV mounts, and top-tier audio gear for an unmatched entertainment setup.


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Smart Home 


Enter the world of home automation with Nedis SmartLife. Explore a wide range of smart home devices for convenience and control, from plugs to lighting, cameras to thermostats.


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