Good looking shelves sell better!

Attractive shelves with complementing products help you sell more! 


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The perfect mix of products

In order to give your customers the best experience in your store, it is necessary to have a well-planned shelf plan. Nedis creates the perfect mix of products and delivers the best results for your business.


We understand that each store has its own needs and preferences. With Nedis shelve plans, we make sure your best-selling products are presented in a way that complements them and maximizes their visibility.


Design based on data and results

Our shelve plans are created based on a thorough analysis of your sales data and use cases of the products. Small adjustments can be made based on personal preference.


We provide a delivery service and install everything on site or you can choose to just follow the plan and create the shelf yourself. You choose what works best for you!


Make your shop customer friendly and eye-catching. Nedis can create a shelf plan that will be ready to make sales.


Some inspiration  


Available for all Nedis products

We create shelve plans for all products available at Nedis. Next to a perfect product  display we can also provide POS material to support a perfect product presentation. 



Other ways that Nedis supports you in selling

E-commerce support

The Nedis EDI is a backend connection that offers you an automated information stream between our systems and yours. Information and processes such as product data for your webshop or store, (automated) orders, conformation, delivery and invoice records. By connecting you can save time, reduce errors and save money while you focus on that what is important: your business.


In-store displays

Present your Nedis products line up the best way possible with in-store presentations to increase your sales, inform your customers and create product awareness. These can range from banners, demo boards, or custom PoS materials



Self-select packaging 

The packaging of Nedis products is specifically design to support the way your customer is scanning through products. In addition to an attractive look, the packaging is created to make your customer’s choice easier, without the need of your staff, by using icons, professional photography, and links to full product details.