With over 200 employees and 4 brands to operate, Habufa is always on the lookout for new sales opportunities within the home décor market. It’s not for nothing that the company has grown as steady as it has over the last couple of years. Based in the Netherlands, but operating worldwide, the company holds on to their family-like character with the main goal to enable the ‘optimal customer satisfaction’. We couldn’t be more happy to contribute with our private label solution for the brand COCO maison - one of the brands in Habufa’s portfolio. 

Completing the assortment

The market for furniture and home decoration is an active one. Home and living will always be a hot topic and trends change from season to season. This makes the business a fun, but challenging one. You need to keep up and bring new and exciting products to the table every single time. Next to giving the customer exactly what they are looking for Habufa is putting an effort in staying ahead of the competition. Being able to provide the customer with the total package is an important element of doing so. Adding light bulbs to the assortment has turned out to be a perfect extra service and a good reason for consumers to buy the brand – and return to it. When end-users are buying a design lamp from COCO maison they don’t need to look any further for the best fitting light bulb. Nedis and Habufa already took care of that. 

’Sell products as your own and increase profitability and margins by shortening the supply chain! ‘

Brand satisfaction and loyalty

A satisfied customer is what the company is aiming for. This meaning making sure that the end-user is fond of the brand - and has a certain level of venting COCO maison positively to family and friends as well. Splendid design, well-constructed distribution and great additional products are the perfect ingredients to establish this. 

Nedis is providing Habufa with light bulbs for their exceptional line-up of design lamps for the brand COCO maison. This brand is a playful one that doesn’t hide from colours, decorating elements and a bit of drama. Living accessories, such as lighting, can make or break your home. Therefor Habufa found lighting, as in light bulbs, important to add to their line-up of exquisite lamps. After a period of testing this extra service for their customers with Nedis light bulbs, Habufa decided to include the products to their line-up permanently, but this time as their own - using our private label concept.

The meaning of partnership

Nedis is taking care of the production, testing, documenting, labelling and shipment, while Habufa looks into the best fits for their designs. Together they are always brainstorming about the needs, products and possibilities. Habufa knows their COCO maison customer and what the end-user is looking for in-store and online, while Nedis knows the best ways of sourcing, quality control and logistics. The definite choice for the assortment will be made together. Every choice is the outcome of combined strengths. 

The collaboration is quite a natural one since both headquarters are close to each other. Communication has always been easy and both parties are still looking into improvements and next steps. If there are any issues Habufa is always free to contact the Nedis support team and the other way around. 


Selling support

The different line-ups can proudly be shown in-store and online with a clear USP; the total package. The in-store concept of COCO maison has even been praised by resellers. Since the lamps are being delivered with the matching light bulbs and an attractive display the dealers are served in a better way. A great advantage of a full line-up – and the in-store concept that is designed and delivered by Nedis. The display is one part of this clever concept, but Nedis and Habufa also looked into another part of the customers’ orientation: Packaging. The packaging layout of the lightbulbs has a similar look and feel to the rest of the line-up packaging and contains great product information. The customer can easily scan through the assortment and find the perfect fit. 

Private labelling

Nedis can offer you a full service private labelling concept including sourcing, quality control, design and logistics. Do you want to arrange parts of this process yourself? It is also possible to outsource a part of the process to us.